How the voucher and redemption process works

1. The subscriber may redeem each merchant voucher four times each year.

2. The subscriber selects a merchant from the website and gets an onscreen voucher.

3. At the restaurant or business, the user must validate the voucher by inputting a PIN texted to his/her mobile. The mobile phone must the one used when creating an account.

4. When the subscriber transacts with a merchant he/she shows the onscreen voucher which has been validated by the PIN.

5. The merchant scans the QR code on the subscriber’s screen, then hits ‘REDEEM’.  This completes the process.  If the merchant is a restaurant, the server scans the QR code on the subscriber’s screen, goes to the Voucher Redemption Page and puts in initials, gross amount of the check, and then hits ‘REDEEM’.  If the server does not have a mobile phone, he/she will ask the subscriber to enter initials, gross amount of check, and then hit ‘REDEEM’. It is important to only press the redeem button once! This completes the process.

6. The transaction data is captured for future reference.

7. Reservations are always recommended.

8. Remember to tip on the gross amount of the check if redeeming a voucher at a restaurant.

For a simple guide on how to use the program please use the tutorial:

District Advantages Tutorial

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