Q. Is there a user guide?
A. Yes, here it is.
Q. How do I get a voucher?
A. Click on the Voucher shown on each merchant’s page.
Q. How do I redeem a voucher?
A. When you are at the merchant, you need to validate the voucher. On your mobile phone (the one you registered with) you go to the voucher and click on ‘Request PIN’. You will then get a text message with a PIN which you then type into the fields on the screen. The merchant will then scan the QR code on your screen to redeem the voucher. Alternatively you can use your mobile to do the redemption. Only press the redeem button once! (See How it works for more complete instructions.)
Q. Can you go back to the same restaurant and get repeat deals?
A. Yes but only four times a year.
Q. What if a merchant is closed?
A. These instances are rare because the list of participating merchants is updated
immediately upon our team discovering a merchant is closed. Please notify Customer Service using the Contact Page should you come across a closed merchant.
Q. What if the offer isn’t recognized and/or the merchant will not honor the offer?
A. This is a rare occurrence but you should ask for the manager and show him the offer and, if still unrecognized or refused, then notify Customer Service using the Contact Page.
Q. Will I be compensated for an offer not honored?
A. Yes, as long as you have shown the offer to the Merchant manager and notified Customer Service immediately to report the incident. Also, you must keep all receipts and the name of the Merchant manager.
Q. What if I experience technical problems with the website?
A. Reboot your device and if the problem persists contact Customer Service using the Contact Page.

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